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Cheetah Flywheel Woodruff Key Ignition side

Cheetah Flywheel Woodruff Key Ignition side. This is slightly thinner than the clutch side woodruff key

$6.95 Tax included

Cheetah Head Cover Black

Cheetah Engine Billet Alloy CNC anodised head water cover Black. Doesn't include thermostat.

$119.00 Tax included

Cheetah Clutch Nut

24mm LEFT HAND THREAD flat nut.

$7.50 Tax included

Main Bearings 6205 bearings

Main Bearings 6205 bearings.   Suit CHEETAH and RL Leopard   Sold as EACH

$27.95 Tax included

Starter Motor Bendix Gear Starter Pinion Gear

Starter Motor to suit Cheetah, Rotax, PRD , Vortex, IAME , X30, KA100,  Leopard and many other TAG kart engines.

$94.95 Tax included