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Tyre Tongs Spare Parts to suit Kartelli or R and R...

Tyre Tongs Spare Parts to suit Kartelli , R and R Models only Tyre Scissors Spare Parts Replacement plastic parts for tyre tongs

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Tyre Guage Kartelli 2.5 40 PSI 2.5 BAR 65mm

GO KART TYRE PRESSURE GAUGE 65MM     0 - 40 PSI  or 0 - 2.5 Bar   Displays both Pounds per Square Inch and  BAR   Strong durable case wi

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Seat Mounting Tool

Seat Mounting Tool   Used to fit seats.     The Long bar goes under the chassis, the small bar sets the angle.   A must to get the seat in the exa

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Aim MyChron 5S MyChron 5 S no temp sensor or ext cable

*PLEASE NOTE: MYCHRON 5 WITH NO TEMP SENSOR OR EXTENSION CABLE   In the Box - includes MyChron5 unit, rechargeable battery, Battery charger, USB cable, and RPM cable   Please...

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Aim MyChron5 Optional Extras MyChron 4 Port data hub...

Four Way Data Hub: recommended for data / dash loggers (MXL/MXL2/MXG/MXS/EVO4) which are powered from the vehicles 12v on-board battery supply. Available with a 40 or 150cm CAN cable.  ...

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Aim Mychron Sensors Water temp sensor (H20) - Yellow

10mm water sensor for Leopard/ Rotax with yellow K type plug end. Requires yellow extension cable available separately.

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Chain Breaker Suit Standard Kart 219 chain

Kartelli Corse 219 Chain Breaker   Suit standard Go Kart chains

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Aim MyChron 5S 2T GpS, 1 temp sensor,split ext cable,...

All the features of the MyChron5 but with two temperature inputs Includes temperature extension cable with connectors for connection of 2 temperature sensors. Kit Includes 1 Temp Sensor.(CHT...

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Aim MyChron5 Optional Extras MyChron 2 port hub with...

Two Way Data Hub: with external power: recommended for MyChron4 and MyChron5 kart data logger which uses an internal battery. This data hub allows for the use of an external battery source instead...

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